How to Heal Your Gut Step by Step

You know your gut needs a little (okay, fine, a LOT of) love. You've tried countless things to heal it. 

Water fast? Tick! 

Coffee enema? Tick! 

Himalayan salt inhalers? Probably a tick there too!

And let’s be honest, nothing’s really worked so far. 

If you're sick of accepting that your constipation, headaches, bloating, acne and stomach pains are normal and there's 'nothing you can do', I'm here to help. 

I'm going to run you through my step-by-step gut-healing process, so your gut can feel brand-spankin' new. 

How to Heal Your Gut  

  1. Prepare 🛁 

Before you even think about shotting back charcoal juice and hitting a hot yoga class to sweat out toxins, you need to prepare the gut by cleansing and toning the environment.  To tend to your gut, or as I call it, your inner garden, you might need to do some weeding. Weeding means getting rid of the negative bacteria and bugs to make room for a healthier environment.

To prepare your gut, weed out negative bacteria by eliminating commonly irritating foods, such as gluten, dairy, caffeine, refined sugar and soy. 

Add in Love Your Gut Powder and capsules to speed up the prep. Love Your Gut Powder and capsules gently cleanse the gut and create an alkaline environment with a pH of 8. 

  1. Process 🔥

Once you've prepared the gut adequately and weeded out harmful bacteria, it's time to put a little digestive fire (in Ayurveda, they call this Agni) in your belly! The gut needs to be primed to process and absorb nutrients and hydration, with water or lemon infused water being a good form of hydration. That's the role of Fulvic Humic Concentrate. Among other benefits, Fulvic Humic Concentrate helps the gut process nutrients and strengthens the tight junctions that are weakened in conditions like leaky gut that can take some time to heal.

In the process stage, it's essential to focus on rest and self-care. Stress is one of the most significant contributors to an imbalanced gut, impacting gut motility and negatively influencing the gut microbiota composition (an influencer I don't want to follow). Introduce a form of meditation into your routine, ensure you're getting seven to nine hours of sleep, and swap out your coffee for herbal tea.  

  1. Populate 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

After preparing and processing the gut, it's time to get to work! Populating the digestive system is about healing the intestinal wall lining and making room for more positivity in the gut garden. 

Movement can have a powerful influence on the state of the gut. Studies show that exercise alone can increase beneficial bacteria, reduce inflammation, and speed up your metabolism (you can thank me later).1 You don't need to lunge it out at the gym to get your movement in if that's not your thing. All exercise is good for the gut, so you may like to try swimming, walking, yoga or even gardening instead. 

Love Your Gut adds vital minerals and nutrients to the gut to help it survive and thrive. To up the ante, include Love Your Gut Synbiotic in your routine. It adds over 20 billion high-quality probiotics in every serve. Twenty billion sounds filling, but it's just the right amount for your gut to thrive. Plus, Love Your Gut Synbiotic supports the digestive system through the bonus of fibre and digestive enzymes, so it’s an all-round gut health cheerleader. 

  1. Proliferate

The last but certainly not least P is Proliferate. Now, I struggled to find an appropriate emoji for Populate, so go easy on me. I settled on the ❎ symbol as it symbolises the idea of multiplying. Proliferating is all about multiplying the beneficial bacteria in your gut. To help keep the bacteria love alive, make sure you're getting in enough fibre every day. 

Some fibre-rich foods that your gut love include: 

  • Apples
  • Artichokes
  • Bananas
  • Berries
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Celery  
  • Cucumbers
  • Dandelion greens
  • Garlic
  • Kale
  • Lentils
  • Onion
  • Pumpkin
  • Seeds 

There's an easier way to populate your gut than what you might think, and no, it doesn't involve matchmaking your gut microbes (although that would be a reality TV show I'd love to watch!). The easiest way to populate the gut is by taking Love Your Gut Synbiotic; it’s full of prebiotics that act as multipliers of probiotics by feeding them and helping them thrive. 

There we have it - my step-by-step process of healing your gut. Do you have any gut-healing tips you want to add to this list? Let me know your top tips in the comments below.

Lee x



11 Responses to “How to Heal Your Gut Step by Step”

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  2. Deanne says:

    Would the proposed treatment address Sibo ?
    Thank you

  3. Corinne says:

    Hello could you tell me approximately how long do we use each product for the cleaning of the gut. Example the powder, do you finish the whole packet for one cleanse, do you do it over one week, one month. What I want to ask is how long do you use these products for a cleanse. I have been sick and about to finish antibiotics on Tuesday so I need to do this cleanse. I have all your products at home except for number 4. Love your gut synbiotic which I will buy of course but I want to do how long do I do that cleanse. Thank you very much.

    • Lee says:

      Hello 🙂 thank you for your message. The love your gut powder can be taken over a four week period as a cleanse however it is very gentle and you can take it long term if you prefer 🙂 lee

      • corinne Dosoruth says:

        Thank you Lee. I am about to start the cleanse. Turned out that I have love your gut synbiotic too 🙂 big fan.
        I am only running out of the capsules, one week of it left. Keeping fingers toes crossed that I my gut gets better. Thank you for all your work. 🙂

  4. Lani says:

    Hi! do you guys ship to New Zealand

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