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Buy Supercharged Food for Kids here, Heal Your Gut here and The Renewable Table here.

If you’re a blogger, health influencer or health coach and have read my books and looking to spread a healthy message to your readers, then why not sign up to sell Supercharged books and start earning some ready cash today?

If you’re keen to be involved in my affiliate program you’ll earn 30% from every sale just for sharing the Supercharged love. All you need to do is click here to sign up to my affiliates program.

If you want to include my books on your website this would be great, or if you prefer to send an email to your list or newsletter then the conversion rates are really high. I can also offer you recipes and photos too.

Below are some banners you can use for your site.

If you’re a blogger and you'd like to review a copy of the book let me know.

If you’re keen to find out how the program works then just follow these three simple steps:

Information for signing up as a Supercharged Affiliate

  1. Sign up at e-junkie as an affiliate 
  2. Once registered follow this link
  3. Click on Affiliate Admin in the blue menu bar
  4. Click on Get Affiliate Code link
  5. Select Merchant "Supercharged Food"
  6. Next click on the “Get affiliate code” button
  7. You can scroll down to a product i.e Heal Your Gut eBook or for all products you will see a code in a yellow box
  8. It will look like this Affiliate Link
  9. Cut and paste the code in the yellow box and place into your website to start earning instant commissions, you can also use the URL part of the code to link with the banners below, or  tweet or facebook the URL part of the code.  That's the first bit in between the two ("quotation marks")
  10. So the URL part of the code would look like this but with your special number on the end:
  11. You can place the affiliates banner or link on your website, in your newsletter or e-zine or share across your social media platforms too

Affiliates are paid every second month, for the two months prior. For example, for sales made in January and February, every affiliate member will be paid at the beginning of March.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing programs you can find out more here:

Affiliate Tips and Tricks

How to Use Affiliate Programs to Your Advantage

Or if you're suffering from brain fog and can't figure out how to do it, send me an email and we'll do a walk through:

Here are some banners you can use on your site:)

250 x 250


 728 x 288


 250 x 250

sfk banners

 250 x 250

Supercharged Food for Kids

 728 x 288

Supercharged Food for Kids

 728 x 90

sfk banners3

The Renewable Table eBook

200 x 200


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  • Yvonne


    I am a blogger and would be interested in reviewing you Healthy Gut book and being an affiliate. Is it possible to get a copy. Thanks Yvonne


  • Michele


    I am currently on demand breastfeeding my 2month old,is heal your gut powder safe to take?


    • lee


      Yes it is a raw plant based whole food and ok to take 🙂 lee


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