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Eat Clean, Green & Vegetarian contains 120 delicious and nutritious recipes from veggie-infused drinks and snacks-on-the-go to satisfying meals and tempting desserts.

You’ll fall head over heals in love with plant based recipes and I guarantee that these are not your average hockey puck veggie patties or nut roasts that you so often see.

In the book you’ll discover all about the healing power of vegetables and how to store then for optimum nutrition.

The book also has seasonal guides so you can see what is in season and there’s a section on how to source the best veg at affordable prices and the best cooking methods for them too.

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Supercharged Food, Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian contains over 120 spectacular vegetarian recipes all with options to be veganised.


You don’t need to love yoga, kale or horsetail braids to enjoy vegetarian. Vegetables are our nutritional heroes:  delicious, high-fibre and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. I  invite you to put vegetables front and centre at mealtimes and enjoy their curative benefits with simple and easy, deliciously tasty recipes.


We’ve known long enough that you don’t need to be a vegetarian to enjoy vegetables. But, importantly, the book embraces using vegetables as healing instruments in your life.


Eat Clean, Green & Vegetarian contains delicious and nutritious recipes from veggie-infused drinks and snacks-on-the-go to satisfying meals and tempting desserts.


In this book, I've ensured that each recipe can be adapted to suit individual dietary needs, with icons indicating vegan, wheat-, gluten-, dairy-, or sugar-free for quick and easy reference.


For every recipe, I include information about nutritional value of ingredients, how they should be stored and how to prepare food for optimum health.


I provide a shopping guide and meal planner to help you get on your way too.


This is a complete guide to creating delicious, healthy and curative meals.


Eat Clean, Green & Vegetarian lays it all out on the kitchen table to satisfy both your stomach and your soul.

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  • Shelley


    Love this book. I was given it as a wonderful Christmas gift and being vegetarian I find it creative and fabulous.


    • lee


      I am so glad you like it thank you for letting me know 🙂 Lee x


  • Tegan


    Such a good book! Onion tart is delish and completely genius. I make the cashew sour cream all the time, the heart chocolates… I’m still trialing the recipes and have yet to find one that isnt excellent.


    • lee


      Thank you glad you are enjoying the book 🙂


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