Orgamix Natural Black Chia Seeds 500g


Orgamix Natural Black Chia Seeds 500g

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Chia seeds are often referred to as a super-food, chia seeds are highly nutritious, and contain Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals as well as fibre, protein and carbohydrates.
Orgamix Chia Seeds can be eaten on their own or added to any food or beverage.
Benefits of Eating Chia Seeds
• Chia is gluten free
• Hiigh in dietary fibre good for your digestion
• High in Omega 3 ALA, has eight times more Omega 3 than salmon!
• High in protein
• The protein is a complete protein with all 8 essential amino acids
• High in antioxidants
• Chia contains five times more calcium than milk
• Chia contains seven times more vitamin C than oranges
• It contains three times more iron than spinach
• It contains twice the potassium content of banana
• It is food for healthy skin, hair and nails
It has a positive impact balancing blood glucose levels

Try making my chia and flaxseed loaf. You won’t be disappointed.


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