Nirvana Himalayan Crystal Salt Granules 250g

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Nirvana Himalayan Crystal Salt Granules 250g

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Nirvana Himalayan Crystal Salt Granules 250g

Totally natural and unrefined, Himalayan crystal salt is free from environmental pollution and contains 84 minerals and trace elements essential to life and good health. Salt is an essential part of everyone's daily diet in moderation and Himalayan Crystal Salt is ideal for cooking and table use. Just pop the granules in a salt grinder and you're set.

This salt is hand mined and stone ground from the Himalayan region of Kalabagh. Due to the salts remarkable crystalline structure, the elements are available in colloidal size and are easily absorbed and metabolised by cells in the human body.

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  • healthy salt


    Thus you ought to monitor your intake and find out
    whether or not you might be consuming an excessive amount of, and if so, then you need to
    develop reducing the amount. Poor pool maintenance (not practicing daily, weekly and monthly cleaning).
    Mineral Sea Salts are proven being effective in maintaining the human body’s chemical balance
    through providing it with a controlled quantity of some essential minerals keeping from illnesses that comes from deficiencies of iodine, molybdenum,
    strontium and tungsten.


    • Lee


      Very true! Lee x


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