Four Leaf Brown Rice Flakes 800g

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Four Leaf Brown Rice Flakes 800g

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Four Leaf Bio Dynamic Brown Rice Flakes - 800g

Containing 100% pure brown rice, this Australian made and organic product is processed with steam, then rolled. Use as a base for a delicious gluten free muesli, make my Supercharged breakfast bars or granola or make into a hearty porridge topped with cinnamon and nutmeg and a dash of vanilla powder.

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  • G A R D E N D I A R
  • R O L L U P S Love a good
  • Twas twelve dollars to make But it has all the
  • The festive season has arrived yet again and boy do
  • Spending the day in Melbourne today with healthylifeau stores doing
  • Sneak peek at my upcoming book Supercharge Your Life is



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