Floradix Floravital 250ml

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Floradix Floravital 250ml

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Floradix Floravital 250ml
Floradix Floravital is a liquid iron tonic made with vegetable, fruit and herbal extracts with the addition of iron gluconate and vitamins. Designed to support healthy energy levels. It is specially formulated without yeast or gluten and suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Product Description
Floravital Tonic with organic iron (II) ferrous gluconate and vitamins B2, B6, B12 and C helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness and supports normal metabolism. Iron (with B6 & B12) is also important for normal red blood cell and haemoglobin production.
This unique blend has one of the highest rates of absorption of all forms of iron. Thus the amount of iron required is reduced.
In addition, this minimises problems with bowel regularity, a common problem with iron supplements.

Floravital Tonic is suitable for for all ages, particularly women. This also includes pregnant and nursing mothers.

Contains No: alcohol, lactose, sugar, yeast, gluten, honey, artificial preservatives, colouring or flavours.

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  • Judith Janse van Rensburg


    Hi Lee,

    I am sure I had seen a Vitamin D3 Supplement here in the shop before. Can’t find it now. Your help would be appreciated.



    • Lee


      Hello, I don’t have any supplements in the shop as it is food based 🙂 I think maybe it was somewhere else? Lee


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