Botanika Blends

If you’re having skin or beauty blemish trouble, an easily absorbed edible toxin-free beauty potion is just what the skin doctor ordered!

After just a week of including the Botanika Blends Beauty Potion in my daily routine, I’m seriously hooked!

What I love about this Australian made product is that it’s a simple and delicious way to boost the levels of collagen produced in the body and it tastes absolutely delicious. Making skin healthier from the inside out just makes perfect sense.

As we begin to age, our collagen production starts to gradually slow down over time. But collagen plays a really important role in our bodies. Our hair, skin and nails, joints, bones and muscles all get their strength and structure from collagen.

While many collagen supplements available in stores are made from animal sources, the great thing about this blockbuster berry-flavoured powder is that it’s created from all natural and plant-based ingredients, so it is completely vegan friendly so everyone can try it.

This potion for beauty is skillfully crafted using plant-based amino acids, natural sources of vitamin c, antioxidant rich fruit, probiotics, vitamins & minerals. It gently encourages beauty from within, by repairing and strengthening hair, skin, nails and muscles and assisting skin elasticity and suppleness.

I love adding this to my post workout routine. Since it’s easily absorbed, my body can quickly get all the nutrients and amino acids that it craves after exercise.

When all it takes is just a spoonful a day to experience amazing and copious benefits, it’s easy to see why this berrylicious beauty potion is front and centre in my kitchen. Raise your glass and see the benefits!

To find out more about Botanika Blends – Beauty Potion visit their website here.

2 Responses to “Botanika Blends”

  1. Louise Singleton says:

    Are you sponsored by them to leave a review? I tried this and it tasted like poison. Anyone who recommends this product lose credibility in my opinion. Ive tried to give it a second chance and hide it in my smoothie but it left an awful taste in my mouth. Its the worst supplement ive ever tasted.

    • Lee says:

      Hello 🙂 No I am not sponsored by them at all. I must admit I tried it in a smoothie with banana and berries so didn’t notice it myself. I do usually put a few different things in my smoothie. I’ll ask my daughter what she thought as well as she tried it too. Sorry you had this experience. Lee 🙂

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