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Green superfoods with glass strawsWhen it comes to being healthy, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what is truly good for you and your unique bod, especially with all of the conflicting messages that are coming at you at lightning speed. 

Whether you’re on a journey to wellness or you are already there, a green powder supplement is a great way to recharge your body daily without all of the fuss of a multitude of supplements and sugar filled drinks. 

I am a huge advocate of sourcing as many nutrients from my food as I can; but for many people who don’t always have the time to source fresh ingredients or may have problems with digestion and assimilation; a green powder can really help to get them on the road to healthy living.

In today’s fast paced lifestyle sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of things and usually it’s our own health that can suffer in the process.  When you’re in a rush to get out of the door in the morning and you’re low on fresh veg in the fridge a quick slurp of a green powder can really help to give you a direct source of nutrients and boost your energy for the day ahead.

Green Superfoods is a supercharged way to spike your daily smoothie with powerful plant based nutrition plus it can really take the edge of drinking kale straight!

I love the fact that this product is simple yet uses the five most potent super foods and mixes them together to create a wiz-bang nutritional supplement full of amazing green goodness.

So what are these five fantastic foods? Hawaiian Spirulina (a highly nutritious salt water plant that contains rich vegetable proteins); Yaeyama Chlorella (a fresh water blue-green alga with an abundance of vitamins and minerals); Australian Organic Alfalfa (a herbal powerhouse); Barley grass (made from the powdered dehydrated leaves of organically grown barley plants); and organic marine plant minerals in a calculated dose to give you the optimum in multi-green nutritional supplementation.

I love that they have left out are the 'filler' ingredients, such as bulk fibre and insignificant amounts of herbs and synthetic vitamins that provide little to no health benefits, ensuring that gram for gram you receive the most nutrient-rich and bio-available superfood supplement possible

GreenSUPERFOODS are produced sustainably and in harmony with nature too and that always gets my seal of approval!  You can purchase it in powder or vegetable capsule form. 

You can read more about Green Superfoods here:

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