Spotlight on Peas and Pea Soup Recipe

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I’ve been zig-zagging the country for the past couple of months giving talks about my latest book Eat Clean Green and Vegetarian and one of the common requests that I’ve encountered is the opportunity to look at individual ingredients in more detail.
I’m going to be adding a new section to the blog whereby each month I’ll shine the spotlight on one of my favourite ingredients and present its unique health benefits, along with deliciously clean and simple recipes.
To kick off, I’m letting you in on one of my favourite secret ingredients the overly overlooked green pea.  By the end of this post I hope that you’ll agree this little pocket rocket will be worth shelling out for.
The dreaded green pea has for some families and in particular their children been one of the worst nightmares at the dinner table, primarily in the form of a torturous sphere of green mush on a plate.
However, with the help of my new column I’m hoping to reignite the vividly emerald Green Pea and provide it with a new lease of life in your kitchen by offering you an insight into its enormous health reimbursements.
Although we consider the pea a vegetable for culinary purposes, each pea pod and its contents is collectively a fruit, and the peas inside are the seeds.
The toddlers of the bunch are harvested young and known as snow peas and sugar snap peas, or mangetout. The latter being fuller and rounder than pea pods and both the pod and peas can be eaten.  To prepare younger varieties, rinse in cold water, and top and tail by removing the string running along either side of the pod.
Sugar snaps are delicious in a stir fry or crunchy salad or steamed until crisp then topped with olive oil. Snow peas have an edible pod that is flatter and it’s best to look for smaller more tender versions.

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